Alfred Gordon Liu is an investor, coach, and author from Vancouver, Canada. He's part of the great sandwich generation - one side is his two young girls, and the other side is his parents and in-laws. All three generations are strong and prospering in their best version of pandemic life. They often travel virtually all over the globe, hosting workshops and meetings.    

Alfred combines investment strategies with best parenting techniques to help parents teach their children about family wealth while also coaching them how to invest in themselves! 

He’s endured all that life can throw at him with strength and resilience. His methods have been tested and forged by surviving three major economic crashes. Yet he never lost sight of what matters most in life, his family. Alfred spends his time paying it forward by teaching others how to invest using Rule1 Investing Strategies that he learned from his mentor Phil Town, Phil’s daughter Danielle Town, and his family.  

Alfred believes in empowering people to be their own best investors so they can live the life they want for themselves and their family by investing like the best parents in the world.  


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